Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Job is Awesome...Why Do I Need FI?

If you're like me and many others out there, you might actually enjoy your job and have no desire to quit anytime in the near future. Right about now you might be asking yourselves why your reading about FI and whether this lifestyle even pertains to you. Let me assure you that YES it does. FI is for everyone, and I do mean everyone. 

Financial Independence is where you or I reach the point at which our investments are able to support our lifestyle. 

For many, this point won't be until they're in their 60s or even later. But for others who have made FI their goal, they're getting there much much faster. 

In my case, I actually enjoy my work. I get to be outside, work with my hands and maintain a healthy lifestyle. And hey, I actually get paid pretty well doing it. It also doesn't hurt that I'm essentially my own boss.  Why would I ever want to leave this? 
The answer is simply put, Freedom. 

I'm American, I can't help but desire freedom, and more of it. I can imagine a future where I may have different priorities or interest that vary from the present. 

I'm young, in fact, I've got virtually my whole life in front of me. I may love work now but in five, ten, twenty years from now, I may not. Maybe I'll have kids that I want to spend time with and be around for. Or perhaps I'll have the desire to go travel for long periods of time. 

By obtaining FI, I'll have the freedom to do these things or whatever the heck I so desire to do. And hey, if in a decade or two from now, I've reached FI, but change nothing about my career or lifestyle, I'll still have an awesome portfolio that will continue to grow and compound. Why not let money work for me rather than me working my life away for money? 

So, yes, FI is for you, me, and everyone else out there. Need more convincing? 
 That's cool, I'm just starting my journey and am confident that you'll come to appreciate and become as excited about FI as I am now. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts, concerns, or question. 


- 2nd Gen FI

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