Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I Bought Into Vanguard

Today, I bought into Vanguard for the first time. More specifically I bought the VTI ETF. I actually purchased exactly ONE share. I realize that this is a small investment but I plan on purchasing at least one share every week in the near future. It's my goal to bring those numbers up considerably as soon as possible. For now though, in the season of paying for tuition, wedding costs, and honeymoon travel my resources are a bit more limited.

My plan is to build up my portfolio of VTI until I can meet the $10,000 minimum investment to buy into Vanguard. You might ask how purchasing one share every week can be cost effective when dealing with a $7-10 trade fee. Thankfully due to my Robinhood account, I'm able to make unlimited no fee trades.

I'm not kidding myself, I know I'm starting small. However, the important thing is that I am starting. Today is always better than tomorrow when it comes to investing in your future. The more time that compound interest has to work its magic the sooner FI will be knocking at your door.

I'll keep Y'all updated as I continue increasing my investments and moving towards FI.
I'd love to hear about any decisions or actions that you've taken this week towards your own Financial Independence.
- 2nd Gen FI

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