Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Beginning FI

The concept of Financial Independence or simply put, FI, has only become a concept that I can grasp and really appreciate over the past couple of months. I don't think I can say with certainty where I first heard the term. For many, they stumbled upon the concept by discovering Mr. Money Mustache and his success story of achieving FI. This was not, however, my story.

I have now read some of his stories and appreciate much of the information and history he has shared, nevertheless, my inspiration has come from another, more recent outlet.

ChooseFI has been the inspiration for my own journey to FI. For the uninitiated, this started as a podcast created by Brad and Jonathan as an incredibly valuable resource for the FI world. Since their first podcast at the end of 2016, ChooseFI has grown into somewhat of a movement, inspiring tens of thousands towards pursuing their own FI. I am one them.

As valuable and helpful Brad and Jonathan have been on a personal level, my inspiration is coming from multiple points such as family, friends, and other FI blogs.

Anyways long story short, what now follows is my personal path to FI. But even more than that, my goal is to help inspire others to pursue their own Financial Independence.

- Noah

Up next: Past, Present, and the Future of FI 

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